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In this post I’ll be keeping an up-to-date list of all my favorite wordpress blog plugins. I have to confess I’m a bit of a plugins junky 😛 but I really feel that the plugins are one of the main reasons wordpress is such a good content management system to use for your websites.

Every time I want to do something with my wordpress blogs that can’t already be done with the base install, pretty much always I can find a free plugin to do it within minutes. If …

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This video is a follow up to my original Moorish man made Caves (Covetes dels Moros) video that was made in the small medieval mountain village of Bocairent in Valencia Spain. This is a longer extra footage version. It shows us climbing from one tunnel to the next exploring the caves. I’ve left the original sound in this video to try and leave it as untouched as possible; it’s a rough edit that I hope gives the viewer more of a sense of being there.

For more info on these …

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This early video of mine from 2005 shows a number of the caves that make up the artificial Moorish caves of Bocairent and includes some open source background music. For a longer video of me and my friends actually claiming though the caves that shows you a little more what it is like to visit them, check out my second Covetes Dels Moros Video as well.

About the Moorish artificial caves of Bocairent

The Moorish caves (Les Covetes dels moros) of the small mountain village of Bocairent situated in the …

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WordPress Global Translator Plugin – Add 40 Plus Languages To Your Blog!

Global Translator

This is a great plugin if you would like to offer your blogs content in multiple languages and at the same time create more pages that the search engines can index and subsequently get more traffic to your blog as a result. The plugin uses the free web translation engines out there to translate your blogs content into, at the time of writing 41 different languages.

The key difference with this plugin over its rivals is that it only ever sends one translation request per page per language …

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MaxBlogPress Ping optimizer – Take Full Control Of WP Pinging!

MaxBlogPress Ping optimizer

The WordPress built in Blog Pinging system works but is extremely basic and does not really give you any options as to how you would like it to function nor does it provide you with anyway of knowning whether your pings are actually successful! This plugin from the guys at MaxBlogPress expands the wordpress functionality in regards to pinging substantially giving you control.

The mayor improvements over the stranded pinging in WordPress are:

  • It makes sure that an article is only pinged when it is first published

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What Are The Blog Ping Services And Why Should I Use Them?

If blogging is all new to you, you may or may not have heard of the many blog ping service websites yet. Either way this post should explain to you all you need to know about them as well as why and how you should use them.

What is pinging all about?

Basically when your blog pings pinging services it’s notifying them of new content on your blog. After receiving the ping these sites normally list your site somewhere on theirs and as a lot of these sites are pretty …